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Guru brought the essence of Hinduism to the common man through writings in lucid language but abundant with higher truth. Guru was a poet of extraordinary skill. His works falls into three distinct groups, Devotional, Ethical and Spiritual. Given underneath are some of the works of Guru. Also included are related literary creations of eminent persons and media links to recital of the same.

Sl No.Name of the worklanguageScriptAuthorDownload
1.      DaivadasakamMalayalamMalayalamNarayanaguru
2.      VinayakashtakamSanskritMalayalamNarayanaguru
3.      DaivadasakamMalayalamEnglishNarayanaguru
4.      GurusthavamMalayalamMalayalamKumaranasan
5.      GurusthavamMalayalamEnglishKumaranasan

Media links to recital