Sree Narayana Guru was a saint, poet, philosopher and mystic who lived in Kerala from 1855 to 1928. He is undoubtedly the greatest social reformer who unshackled Kerala society from decadent social customs and practices and paved the way for a modern progressive, tolerant society known as god’s own country. The cast system prevailing in Kerala in late 19the century prompted Swami Vivakananda to call Kerala a lunatic asylum.


“One Caste one Religion one God for man.”
“Don’t ask, say or think caste.”
“Whatever the religion it suffices if makes a better man.”
“Happiness comes as a result of our actions.”
“Liquor is poison, don’t make it, drink it or sell it.”
“Whatever be the difference in faith, dress or language all humanity belongs to one caste, there is no harm in inter-marriage and inter-dining.”
“Actions performed for one’s well being should benefit others also.”
“It’s better to loose from the side of dharma than winning from the side of adharma.”
“For any action there should be a purpose; an aim.”
“Freedom through Education, Strength through Organisation and Economic Independence through Industries.”
“Devotion and ego can not coexist.”
“Whatever work you do should be with sincerity and truthfulness.”
“It’s dharma that operates the world.”
“Religion is only a means to attain an end.”
“Hinduism contains the essence of all relegions.”

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